Tracking Your Escrow and IOLTA Accounts

Escrow tracking

Tracking your Escrow and IOLTA Accounts

An astonishing number of escrow accounts are opened in the US every year, but tracking your escrow account isn’t easy. In this blog, we’ll cover how our app has made Escrow and IOLTA account tracking super easy.

Escrow accounts are a necessary evil for all attorneys, but keeping them up to date can be tricky. Escrow Trakker keeps tabs on what’s happening with your escrow and IOLTA accounts making them easier than ever to keep up to date. Keep reading for more information about how this powerful, but simple account tracking can help you manage your escrow and IOLTA accounts to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

A powerful alternative to Escrow Excel

Whilst Excel can be extremely useful, using an Excel sheet to track multiple Escrow & IOLTA accounts is a life suck. How much time (and gray hairs) have you sacrificed? One wrong calculation and you could find yourself non-compliant, disbarred, fined, or even jailed.

Saying goodbye to your trusted Excel trackers may seem like an impossible thing to do, but trust me; Escrow Trakker will take away the pain. Escrow Trakker will keep your accounts in order and your data accessible at all times. 

Escrow accounts are becoming more complicated by the day especially when you factor in international transactions. If something goes wrong, there’s no telling who will foot the bill or how much money is lost -not ideal if your business is at stake. With Escrow Trakker, you can make sure that everything is in order and where it needs to be making your life easier and will keep you up to date with compliance. An extremely powerful but simple way for professionals who are looking for a great alternative to track their escrow accounts.

Instant access to Escrow and IOLTA

Escrow Trakker is a Cloud-based platform meaning that you can use it from any smart device or desktop, anywhere in the world. You will no longer have to worry about not being able to access your escrow and  IOLTA accounts because have full accessibility to them anytime and everywhere with just a few clicks!

With Escrow Trakker you are able to pull up reports in seconds, as the software seamlessly scans your database for the information you request. Whether you need to know the overview of a particular client, or how much is in a certain bank -Escrow Trakker will tell you.

The client interface is extremely user friendly, every part of the client experience has been thought about and executed to perfection. Both the desktop site and the mobile app will shock you with their speed, accuracy and ease of use. I can truly say that Escrow Trakker is here to change how we all track escrow & IOLTA accounts, tracking your escrow accounts shouldn’t take years off of your life (stress or jail time).

We can make keeping track of your accounts simple and easy. Contact us today to find out more about Escrow Trakker. 

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