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Founded in 2018, Trakker Apps specialize in the accounting needs of business professionals, attorneys, and landlords. Keep financial tabs on Escrow, Trust and IOLTA bank accounts or track billable time and expense for many users, along with enterprise Invoicing and Accounts Receivables. If you need to financially track and securely store your accounting data in the cloud, we have designed an enhanced double entry smartphone app for it!

Our mobile apps innovate by embedding our patent pending extrinsic variables into standard double entry accounting procedure. We create enhanced standalone accounting applications that are custom built and technologically unrivaled. Drill down on business-actionable data to run your business as efficiently as possible from a financial point of view.

No accounting software does what we do. Period. Patent pending database technology, super user friendly and easy to use, robust with artificial intelligence, and incredibly affordable. If you are not tracking your business with a Trakker App, are you really tracking at all?

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Escrow Trakker for Lawyers

Never lose control of your trust and IOLTA accounts again. Say goodbye to external spreadsheets and calculations. Store all regulatory required documents in the ET cloud depository. Produce detailed customer statements and 3-way reconciliation reports at the touch of a button. Track as few as 1, or up to 200 separate Trust bank accounts flawlessly. Easy-to-learn, easy-to-use.


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Escrow Trakker for Landlords

Never forfeit deposits due to legal mismanagement. Easily keep track of as few as 1, or up to 25,000 tenant deposits, all on your smartphone. Enjoy tracking unlimited bank accounts, unlimited properties, detailed tenant escrow statements & 3-way reconciliation reports with this cloud based high-powered, easy-to-use double-entry checkbook application.


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Time Trakker Prime for Lawyers & Consultants

Capture, store & bill for every billable minute on your own smart device. Never lose track of who owes how much and for how long. Built for all Time & Material billers, TTP allows admin user to track everybody’s time, generate custom invoices, track receivables, and enter payments, based on time & expense entries for 1 to 1,000 individual users, all on their own smartphone device or desktop. It is incredible.

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Sub-Admin User


User - Staff Users


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In Development for 2022

Business Trakker Lite for General Business

BT Lite is an advancement to any standard P & L accounting software. Track every dimension and financial detail of your business. In addition to the robust onboard chart of accounts, BT Lite will track every dollar & detail by external customer and internal project manager. See who is responsible for carrying the weight in your organization. Which customers are most profitable? See who manages the most dollar volume of work. New insights never possible are derived from simple input and even simpler output. You will be amazed.

Credit Card Trakker

Reconcile credit cards, keep track of every expenditure in the cloud. Let the users enter the data in this multi-user enterprise double entry application. Reconciling multiple credit cards to track expense is tough stuff. Credit card Trakker is designed to easily track credit card expenditures for 1 to 10,000 corporate credit cards including prepaid credit cards. Imagine the ability to analyze and fund all credit card expense by user, category, account, and vendor on a smartphone. Gain insightful knowledge about your credit card expenditure habits in one combined database. It is incredible what you did not know about your credit card expense and how to optimize the financial data.

Custom Built Trakker Apps

Do you need to track a financial data point that isn’t available with your current accounting software package? We can help with that. Our patent pending, extrinsic variable algorithm will transform your financial data input and output into a data mining and analytics powerhouse offering business actionable metrics you never knew existed. From external customer data, like profits and volume, to internal management data, like job or manager profitability, we can mine it, rank it, and tell you who, or what, is responsible for your financial performance.

We are engineers, mathematicians, programmers & innovators. Our custom financial database APP solutions are specifically built to track the financial data you need to run your business but not currently available to you. With our custom Data Tracking Apps, we’ll put the power of data into your hand via your smart phone.

All Trakker Apps Include:

Regular updates – we respond to user suggestions

Enhanced smartphone device experience

True double-entry accounting application

Comprehensive on-board chart of accounts

ERP Cloud Financial Management

Unsurpassed Patented data-metric mining

Innovative Interactive data reports

Multi-platform: performs on all devices

Pass-code or fingerprint login for security

Patent pending database technology

Secure and accessible cloud storage of all entered data

Secure cloud hosting by Amazon web hosting services in USA

Built for big data – unlimited storage – any size enterprise

No other software required.

Secure AWS data storage included for free forever

Responsive customer service: We love to hear from you

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