Escrow Trakker For Lawyers

Escrow Trakker for Lawyers

Escrow Trakker for Lawyers

At first, I was afraid, I was petrified … Escrow accounts spark fear into the hearts of lawyers everywhere. Complicated spreadsheet be gone! Escrow Trakker for lawyers is here to rock your world! In this article, we will look at the different features which improve how escrows are tracked for the rest of time.

Lawyers have a lot on their plates. They need to be aware of new legislation, keep up with case law, and manage client expectations in order to thrive in a competitive market. This cloud-based app saves you time by giving you access from any device, at any time. It’s also user friendly and compatible with multiple platforms.

Compliance is key

Escrow Trakker is the newest and most user-friendly cloud-based software for escrows. It has been developed specifically for lawyers who need to complete complicated transactions that require holding money or property during transactions such as real estate closings, mergers and acquisitions.

The app provides users with a convenient way to manage complex tasks while ensuring compliance with state law on trusts and estates.

Many legal cases are just settled out of court, but if that is not possible then having an effective method for tracking all documents and communication between yourself and your clients will save both time and money in the long run. Escrow Trakker for Lawyers can help lawyers get through their workday more efficiently by providing the ability to store all documents, communication between yourself and clients in one place.

Using your time wisely

Using your time wisely is important when you are in the business of helping others. Escrow Trakker for Lawyers can ensure your time is being used effectively and makes life easier for you and your clients.

Eliminate time-consuming manual 3-way reconciliation, Escrow Trakker for lawyers performs this monthly task automatically. You can set up different variations of reports

Want to see what is in one specific bank account with various customers? Easy.

Need to see all of one customer’s transactions and their current balance RIGHT NOW? Done.

Fancy seeing all client balances in client retainer accounts? Sorted.

Never has it been easier to enter your data correctly without fear of Excel crashing or dropping a line of formula (I still have nightmares about seeing “Restore to last point” after a days’ worth of editing an Excel file…) Unlike with Excel trackers, it is nearly impossible to make an error whilst using Escrow Trakker, as the software is 100% user-focused. For example, you are triggered by the software at each point to check what you have entered. Once a client or bank have been entered and saved you will never need to re-type them again as they will be automatically stored in the system.

Cloud based app

Being a cloud-based app means that your data is stored safely and accessible anytime & anywhere.

The ability to be able to keep track and access up to 200 different accounts seamlessly is just one part of what makes Escrow Trakker for lawyers so unique, another feature within the app is its ability to store all your documents and files which means you can say goodbye to all your plug-in hard drives.

With multi-platform capabilities you are not limited by device type; use the app on any iOS or Android phone or tablet at any time from anywhere. Your files will always be safe.

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