The Importance of Time Tracking for Consultants

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Time tracking for consultants is essential for not only accurate billable, but project management too. Retrospectively remembering exactly how long you worked on each task across multiple projects is a test for the best of us. That’s why tracking is so important. Tracking your time ensures you stay productive and create accurate bills.

Effective Time Tracking for Consultants

If like most people, you currently don’t track your time you’re almost certainly leaving money on the table. A time tracking app will help you develop a clear picture of how you’re spending your time and what each project is actually worth. Time tracking is about way more than just billing; it’s also an essential part of effective project management. By understanding how you and your team are spending your time, you can identify areas where you can be more efficient and productive… or bill more.

Time Tracking Apps

There are many time tracking apps out there, but not all of them are created equal. When choosing a time tracking app for your consulting business, you need to make sure it is easy to use and covers all the reporting functions you need.

Here are some essential features you should look for in an app used for time tracking for consultants.

  • Easy time entry. The time tracking app you choose should make it easy to track your time, regardless of your working location or device. Look for an app that allows you to start and stop the timer with just a few clicks or ideally an app that automatically starts tracking time when you begin working on a project, so you don’t have to remember to start the timer. The app should be easy to use so that you can start tracking time spent on projects with minimal effort.
  • Detailed reports. You need to be able to generate reports that show how you and your team are spending your time. The time tracking app should allow you to filter data so you can quickly review your data. The app should also generate reports that are easy to understand and provide all the information you need to track project progress and bill clients accurately.
  • Client billing. The time tracking app should generate invoices that you can send to your clients. Make sure the app offers different invoice templates so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • The app should be flexible so that it can be customized to meet your specific needs and ensure that you can track time and expenses anywhere from any smart device.

When using the time tracker app, you also need to ensure that you don’t forget to:

  • Use the app to track all of your work, not just billable hours. This will give you a more accurate picture of how you’re spending your time and where you can improve.
  • Set aside time each week to review your time tracking data. This will help you identify patterns and make adjustments as needed.
  • Make sure to track time off, vacations, and sick days. This will help you stay within budget and avoid overspending.

Choosing an effective time tracking app is essential for any consultant who wants to be accurate and productive. By taking the time to find an app that meets your needs, you’ll save yourself time in the long run. If you’re not already using a time tracking app, you need to find one that meets all your needs.

TimeTrakkerPrime for Consultants

Once you start using a TimeTrakkerPrime for Consultants, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it! It’s painless. Easy to use. Always available.

You can create, print, and send invoices. Track and manage time, payments, and accounts receivables like never before. Enter time & expense transactions on your smart device in seconds. That’s all there is to it. TimeTrakkerPrime does the rest!

TimeTrakkerPrime for Consultants features:

  • Quick and easy adding of time and expense transactions. Enter time and expense and assign an account, customer, job, and lawyer to each transaction using easy drop-down selection menus.
  • Extensive preinstalled on-board chart of accounts and receivables.
  • Easily editable and customizable accounts charts.
  • Function to transcribe comments for time entry on your smartphone.
  • Enter client information once & never have to edit or amend it again.
  • Track vendor and credit card function for expense entries.
  • Image capture of expense receipts.
  • Information is stored permanently in the Cloud for easy access and safety.

Accounts Receivables:

  • Who owes what? See the data metrics you need to know, whenever you need to!
  • On-screen Aging reports
  • Customer Balance Summary & detailed reports
  • Extensive yearly summary report


  • Produce exquisite job statements.
  • Create and print or e-mail invoices anytime
  • Create invoices for the month or individually – on screen.
  • View invoices on-screen and enter payment data.
  • Search, view, and export open and closed invoices fast.
  • Create, view, and export accurate statements for every job.
  • View historical statements with all data for every job.
  • Invoice for an hourly or fixed fee.
  • Invoice & scan expense documentation.
  • Locate any invoice in no time at all.
  • View client billing history with historical statements.


  • Flexible interactive reporting.
  • Custom reports and drill down on all the metrics.
  • Custom aging reports.
  • Vendor summary report.
  • Credit card detail report.
  • Summary reports.

With TimeTrakkerPrime you can eliminate time and resources dedicated to your time tracking, invoicing, and accounts receivables each month while significantly improving efficiency, accuracy, and convenience for up to 1,000 combined users. Automate your time capture, invoicing, and AR accounting practices.

All Cloud. All Secure. Anytime. Anywhere.

To see for yourself just how this time tracking app can enhance your project management and bottom line.

Time tracking for consultants made easy. Sign up for a 30-Day Free Trial!

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