Working On The Go

working on the go

Working On The Go

Working on the go is a blessing and a curse. Modern-day technology has come a long way in helping consultants and workers who are on the go. In ancient times of good and evil, workers would have to trust that their clients’ cheques wouldn’t bounce when they cashed them, not only would they have to put up with the bouncing cheque, but they would also have to pay the fee from the bank for a dodgy cheque, they’d then have to chase down the client to get paid – again. If this got to the point where they needed to take their client to court they’d have to have all this paperwork with them to prove the client is at fault.

Anyone regularly taking sums of money to the bank tends to be targeted, the people they are targeted by know their routines, how much they’re carrying, and when the best time to strike is. This is one of the factors that makes working on the go just that bit harder; no one wants to be harassed by some low life after they’ve done all the hard work.

Today, paying by card tends to be the preferred method of payment. The troubles the card readers bring are never-ending when you’re out and about with them. Especially when you try to take payment in a low or no signal area, and then trying to explain to an angry client that their payment hasn’t in fact gone through even though it’s “left” their bank account is frustrating… speak to your bank about transactions in holding – Please.

Artists, consultants, and everyone else

When you think of invoicing and working on the go you tend to just think about the bigger players, people who you don’t imagine working in the office. But have you really thought about how much easier life would be when you can invoice on the go? No matter what sector you’re in, invoicing on the go is a benefit.

Reporting whilst on the go is a lifesaver as well, especially when the boss calls you up to find out what money is owed RIGHT NOW! Done: figures are given. Client disputing money outstanding? SHOW THEM THE MONEY, HONEY!

For far too long accounting technology has been tied into the office. This just isn’t practical. Thanks to high-speed internet and a global occurrence that saw the world isolated, people are finally taking working on the go and working from home seriously. The technology which has come from recent events is just outstanding.

Stripe meets Time Trakker

Stripe is an online monetary tool that allows users to send and receive money securely all across the world. Stripe is used globally across e-commerce stores and is aiming to increase the GPD of the internet by helping start-up businesses steady their cash flow and establish business ventures into new markets.

Time Trakker Prime is one of the latest time-tracking and invoicing apps to hit the market. This app enables people to invoice from anywhere in the world, across multiple devices and tracks time which when converts to an invoice, making working on the go easier than ever.

The creator of Time Trakker Prime (Edward Kellman) has joined forces with Stripe. Soon, with both apps working together, people will be able to invoice and take payments on the go without having to carry any amount of cash, or without fearing the card reader not working for whichever reason it fancies that day.

Work done, invoice sent, money received: simple.

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